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Nigeria at 56: @ 56 Nigeria’s corporate existence is threatened – Chekwas Okorie

64042f59d912cda317331d3d1ee02699_lat to cheer The only thing to cheer is the fact that Nigeria has managed to sur­vive for 56 years by the special grace of God. However, I venture to caution that Ni­geria’s corporate existence ha…

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a NEW photo of my week and a short Sunday sermon

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Happy Sunday!  We spent last weekend in beautiful Monterey, California and I have a few pics to share in the next few days. I’ll start with this slower shutter speed photo of rocks, waves and seaweed.  It was great to relax and take walks on the beach with my hubby and enjoy the fresh ocean breezes.

Keeping with the ocean theme, here’s today’s short Sunday sermon:

Why We Need Anchors

The purpose of an anchor is to keep a ship safe and secure at a desired location or to help control the ship during bad weather. However, to accomplish these vital purposes, just having an anchor is not enough. The anchor must be solid, dependable, and used properly at the right time and place.

Individuals and families need anchors as well.

Adversity can come as a great storm to blow us off course and threaten to cast us against the rocks. But sometimes…

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Do you want to save your relationship? Chase and ride him!

10360618_1539909662955378_7504353885304766300_n                                                                Most of our nowadays ladies are silly,shy,and misguided babes.Many of them believe that making the first move makes them cheap.What nonsense!Try today to initiate sex with your man and examine how you feel and how he feels and reacts.If your man had always be the one to ride you in bed,why not use this opportunity  to ride him for a change?The advantage of riding your man is that it gives you the power to control your sexual tempo,leading to a helluva of orgasm.I need not say anything about playing with his balls the engine room of his pleasure .I would however like to say….nay i wont say anything,I promised! But let me quickly add that you can allow him to sit on chair that is meant just for one person.Then straddle him as he’s sitting.Your honey will embrace and drag him deep into wet core.It will definitely bring pleasure to both of you.Dress up,put on something sexy.Dab your body with body  glitter,perfume or edible treats.There are lots of sexy treats that can be stuck to your body.You can find these at any store.Wear some lingerie,put on some makeup and do your hair in a sexy tussled style.I love this part! you can try honey! What about ice cream?Too cold?Okay what about Irish cream poured on those two globes of the babe.  And then try to lick the cream off the boobs.Ha! Just thinking about it would make a babe wet! Pour honey on his or her body and use your mouth to lick him clean or vice versa.Or you let him pour the honey on your nipples and spend like 30 minutes just lapping and licking that rosy areola…..hummmmm,Heavenly!Do you know that some babes used to attain orgasm just by their guy lavishing enough attention on their nipples..Surprise him,do something completely out of the ordinary.Take him somewhere unexpected,and make love when he’s least expecting to get pleasure.The emphasies here is lovemaking,Not sex! How long had you and your guy made love? Do you even understand the difference between lovemaking and sex?


1 Life is made up of hundreds of thousands of moments.Some that move us,others that change us,and some that provoke us to action.Being busy takes us away from those moments.Millenian expert Jullien Gordon has a remedy for this:know the difference between being workaholic vs a high performer.The former wants to look important ,but the latter seeks out important work.Knowing the difference can help you do more in each moment of your day.              2 When you are busy,you opt out of opportunities..                                Opportunities are everywhere.They come up via social gathering, through mutuai connections.But when you are busy,you often miss opportunities because you only see them as distractions,not spaces for you to grow and advance.                                                                 3We all want to do more with what we have.Unfortunately,we thik being busy means we are making strides.The pareto Principle presents another hypothesis which deserves some attention .It states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your time.If you are able to figure out what that 20% looks like and the action you take to get there,you can create immesurable  leverage.That means you’ii spend more time doing the things that really drive you towards your goal,and not just things to fill space.                                                     4  When you are busy you don’t prioritise effectively.                               Priorities  are how we separate the things that we need to do,versus ones that we should.They keep us in line and on track .But when we are too busy,everything seems like it needs to be done.It doesn.t.When you identify what matters versus what can wait,you effifient with your time,allowing you to do the things you really want to do  and with more regularity.                                                                 5  When you are busy ,you make excuses for actual problems.              Before you say you dont have time,here’s a better question:Can you afford to stay the same and still grow?     Having things to do isn’t bad.But busyness without purposefulness is a recipe for burnout and personal dissatisfaction.Make 2015 the year for you to live or find your purpose,commitment to being present,and fight to own your schedule.It isn’t easy,but noyhing worth having is.Lets make 2015 the year we measure the importance of the work we do,instead of how much of our calendars we can fill up,Lets hold each other accountable and make this year the best we’ve ever had.


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Leverage The Internet To Make Money Online Globally

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